Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are and should be essential parts of our lives!!!

Hello Oregonians!

Good news is that we now live in a post-pandemic era. Hopefully so. However our lives will never be the same as pre-pandemic. Now we all know how important it is to properly protect yourself from infection.

Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are and should be essential parts of our lives. Because in fact viruses caused diseases, including SARS Covid 19 didn’t disappear. They just became our norm. Since they became our norm, sanitizing as well should be our norm.

Don’t confuse cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt and dust, but on its own it does not kill or remove bacteria or viruses from surfaces. Cleaning is essential and should always take place before sanitizing or disinfecting. But if you want to have good health and protect yourself from deadly diseases, don’t ignore the next step – sanitizing.

Not cleaning but Sanitizing reduces bacteria on a surface to a safe level.

In OREGON PROMAIDS we offer not just the best cleaning service in our state but also Sanitizing.

Live happily ever after in the post pandemic era! Sanitize your life with Oregon Pro Maids.

Prepare your house for the nice summer season!

Hello neighbors! 

If you think that Spring cleaning is over, you are wrong. Spring is not over. In fact it just started. This year warm days are later than usual. It means that spring cleaning, if you haven’t done it yet, is absolutely not too late to do. 

Now is the best time for vacuum cleaning and dusting because it is getting warm enough to open windows and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be a problem. 

When Easter is over it is also a good reason to clean to prepare your house for the nice summer season, to change decorations, get rid of spider webs around the house, to clean and wash chandeliers and curtains, reorganize kitchen cabinets and closets. To remove dust from every corner of your house and meet the new warm season of your life sparkly clean. Nothing can be more satisfying! 

Our Oregon Promaids will satisfy all your needs in professional and deep cleaning with Organizing and Sanitizing! 

Turn to your new happy season with US!

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Order Deep Car Cleaning


You don’t want to miss our awesome news! OREGON PRO MAIDS cleaning company offers to all our old and new clients amazing new services. Now we are not only cleaning your houses but we also sparkly cleaning your cars. Both inside and outside. 

No doubt that our cars are our best friends. All our life depends on them. What can we do without them these days? They are more than our arms and legs, aren’t they? But do we treat them accordingly? Think about that. We take showers every day to take care of our bodies, but we care much less about cleaning our best buddies – our vehicles. 

Respect your car, love it and it will pay you back abundantly. Order Deep Car Interior Cleaning, Pressure Washing and sparkly washing of your Car Details! 

Your best buddy will love the caring hands of our professional cleaning personnel! 

Spring cleaning!

Hurray! Spring is coming!

Spring is right near our doors! Are we ready to enjoy it? Sure our spirits are going up, but…

Are we even able to enjoy it with our cluttered and dusty winter homes?

We don’t think so! This is why this term Spring cleaning exists! For generations it became a cultural practice all over the world, in different countries, no matter what the political system: democracy or dictatorship! The last sentence is just for fun, but it’s true, right?

In many eastern cultures the beginning of spring is the new year (Nowruz) which is celebrated on 21 of March. And it falls right on the first day of our American spring! How fun!

Eastern people have this tradition which they literally call “shaking the house” before this spring new year. Everything in the house has to be cleaned from furniture to curtains, from roofs to basements.

Probably an even more ancient tradition belongs to Jewish people who have been cleaning houses before holy Passover (Pesach) each year which is aligned with Christian Easter. We heard about so-called Clean Week which is the first week of the Great Lent. And we heard about the Julian New Year on April 1.

It’s so good to observe that in our world of wide diversity humanity has some common cultural things – Spring cleaning, for example!

Ok, guys, let’s not break traditions!

We guess after this brief historical observation you are totally ready to order the best service of our best cleaning company OREGON PRO MAIDS.

Our awesome professional maids will help you to celebrate all Spring holidays or just enjoy the beginning of Spring fully and deeply with our DEEP, deep cleaning with Organizing and Sanitizing! Whatever you ask us to do for you!

Thanks for reading!

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Portlanders and nearby neighbors! 

Congratulations on the coming Spring! 

Snow in February was nice but now it’s melting and we can see around white snowdrops, purple and yellow crocuses. They are blooming and bringing us joy and new hope. Everything in nature is coming to a new cycle of life. Mother Nature is cleaning itself and getting dressed! How wonderful!

And how are we human beings doing? We are cleaning our gardens and redecorating our homes for spring, aren’t we? 

Oh boy! That spring cleaning and reorganizing can be so overwhelming and difficult to do on your own. How about getting some help?

Our cleaning service is right near you! We are one of the best in Oregon. 

Our authority cleaning maids will help you turn your homes in sprinly clean heaven! 

You can order a deep or regular cleaning. One-time or weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We are flexible to your requests and wishes. 

Bring the freshness of spring to your home! Enjoy our house cleaning service.

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Psychologists say

Psychologists say that living in disorder and uncleanliness is one of the direct causes of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems, not to mention respiratory or pulmonary illnesses or allergies.

The level of toxins in dust is growing higher and higher. This brings us to the reality that vacuuming our homes and mopping floors on a regular basis are now essential for our wellbeing.

Living in a clean and tidy home environment not only reduces stress, anxiety, and other health issues, but can also help lead to success in careers, study, and personal growth.

Even more than that, sociological research shows that personal relationships are better if people live and see each other in a comfortable and tidy atmosphere and a clean environment.

And, yes, this also means that relationships among parents, children, and siblings can benefit from clean and neat homes.

But what can be worse than always needing to clean the house in our busy lives? And what can be easier than just calling our company and having our cleaning experts do all of that for you?

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time — you choose how often you want our pro maids to clean your house for you and bring to your life more happiness, success, relief, and joy.

OREGON PRO MAIDS — one of the best cleaning services in Oregon is here for you! We have a flexible price policy, with a 20% discount for second service and regular customers.

Hello Portlanders and nearby neighbors!

Do you like clean living? You don’t? Come on!

Do you know that living in order reduces stress and prolongs life?

Do you know that dust particles can cause respiratory and cardiovascular health problems? They can also irritate eyes, throat, and skin.

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, exposure to dust inside homes can have adverse health outcomes, such as respiratory problems, asthma, allergic reactions, and lead poisoning.

In short, if you want to live a productive, healthy, satisfying life, you want your home clean.

We are here to help you. Our pro maids will expertly clean your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time basis. We bring our own supplies and equipment, ready and able to clean your house or apartment. Cleaning day is a happy day!

One of the best cleaning services in Oregon is here for you! We have a flexible price policy, with a 20% discount for second service and regular customers.

Or call us at 1-503-840-4880 for an estimate and schedule. It’s time to get on track to a happier life!