Order Deep Car Cleaning
Hello Portlanders and Oregonians!
You don’t want to miss our awesome news! OREGON PRO MAIDS cleaning company offers to all our old and new clients amazing new services. Now we are not only cleaning your houses but we also sparkly cleaning your cars. Both inside and outside.
No doubt that our cars are our best friends. All our life depends on them. What can we do without them these days? They are more than our arms and legs, aren’t they? But do we treat them accordingly? Think about that. We take showers every day to take care of our bodies, but we care much less about cleaning our best buddies – our vehicles.
Respect your car, love it and it will pay you back abundantly. Order Deep Car Interior Cleaning, Pressure Washing and sparkly washing of your Car Details!
Your best buddy will love the caring hands of our professional cleaning personnel!
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