After construction services
Hello Portlanders and Oregonians!
We are delighted to provide you with post-construction cleaning services!
Oregon Pro Maids cleaning company Portland, Oregon along with other services specializes in after construction services and takes pride in understanding the unique needs of their clients. This is a crucial step that occurs after the completion of a building or renovation project. We emphasize the highest level of quality and professionalism in delivering our services.

Our range of services includes deep apartment cleaning after renovations, window cleaning, and overall construction cleanup. Our cleaning service highlight its expertise and resources to ensure that the job is done right.
Here are some common tasks typically after construction services:
  • Dusting and wiping surfaces: Cleaning and dusting ceilings, walls, light fixtures, and baseboards, to remove construction dust and residue.
  • Floor cleaning: Thoroughly cleaning and mopping all types of flooring, such as tile, hardwood, or carpet.
  • Window and glass cleaning: Cleaning windows, glass panels, and mirror.
  • Fixture and appliance cleaning: Cleaning and polishing fixtures, including faucets, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and kitchen appliances, to make them shine and remove any construction debris.
  • Removal of construction waste: To dispose materials for construction and debris, including packaging, leftover materials, and other waste generated during the construction process.
  • Vacuuming and air duct cleaning: To remove dust and allergens that may have accumulated during construction.
  • Final touch-ups: Conducting a final inspection to ensure all areas are clean and ready for occupancy, making any necessary touch-ups to ensure a polished finish.

These kind of services may vary depending on the specific needs of the construction site and the scope of the project. It’s essential to communicate your specific requirements with the cleaning service provider to ensure they can accommodate your needs and deliver satisfactory results.
We encourage potential clients not to settle for less and instead choose Oregon Pro Maids for a bold, professional, and reliable cleaning crew they can trust.
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