Dear ladies and gentlemen! Portlanders and nearby neighbors!
Hello Portlanders and Oregonians!
Congratulations on the coming Spring!
Snow in February was nice but now it’s melting and we can see around white snowdrops, purple and yellow crocuses. They are blooming and bringing us joy and new hope. Everything in nature is coming to a new cycle of life. Mother Nature is cleaning itself and getting dressed! How wonderful!
And how are we human beings doing? We are cleaning our gardens and redecorating our homes for spring, aren’t we?
Oh boy! That spring cleaning and reorganizing can be so overwhelming and difficult to do on your own. How about getting some help?
Our cleaning service is right near you! We are one of the best in Oregon.
Our authority cleaning maids will help you turn your homes in sprinly clean heaven!
You can order a deep or regular cleaning. One-time or weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We are flexible to your requests and wishes.
Bring the freshness of spring to your home! Enjoy our house cleaning service.
Or call us at 1-503-840-4880 for an estimate.
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