Spring cleaning!
Hello Portlanders and Oregonians!
Hurray! Spring is coming!
Spring is right near our doors! Are we ready to enjoy it? Sure our spirits are going up, but…
Are we even able to enjoy it with our cluttered and dusty winter homes?
We don’t think so! This is why this term Spring cleaning exists! For generations it became a cultural practice all over the world, in different countries, no matter what the political system: democracy or dictatorship! The last sentence is just for fun, but it’s true, right?
In many eastern cultures the beginning of spring is the new year (Nowruz) which is celebrated on 21 of March. And it falls right on the first day of our American spring! How fun!
Eastern people have this tradition which they literally call “shaking the house” before this spring new year. Everything in the house has to be cleaned from furniture to curtains, from roofs to basements.
Probably an even more ancient tradition belongs to Jewish people who have been cleaning houses before holy Passover (Pesach) each year which is aligned with Christian Easter. We heard about so-called Clean Week which is the first week of the Great Lent. And we heard about the Julian New Year on April 1.
It’s so good to observe that in our world of wide diversity humanity has some common cultural things – Spring cleaning, for example!
Ok, guys, let’s not break traditions!
We guess after this brief historical observation you are totally ready to order the best service of our best cleaning company OREGON PRO MAIDS.
Our awesome professional maids will help you to celebrate all Spring holidays or just enjoy the beginning of Spring fully and deeply with our DEEP, deep cleaning with Organizing and Sanitizing! Whatever you ask us to do for you!
Thanks for reading!

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